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Top model interview! First experience, travel and pandemic in Istanbul

Hello! Tell us about yourself: height, parameters, age.⠀
My name is Mikhaleva Anastasia. I am 23 years old, my height is 177 cm, parameters: 77/63/95.

Where are you now, what agency are you working with?

At the moment I am in Turkey, in the city of Istanbul. Here I have been working with StarModels agency since 2016. My first modeling trip was here. I am happy with the way this agency works, so I am glad to work with it again and again.

What fears were there before the trip?

I remember how I was worried before my very first trip, because of my lack of knowledge of the English language. I was lucky, because almost all Russian-speaking girls lived with me in the apartment, they helped me with learning the language.

What were your expectations before the trip?

I cannot say that I expected anything from my first trip. But luck was on my side. My first contract turned out to be quite successful, and it gave me an incentive to move further in this direction.

How did the Turks meet at the agency?

Turks are quite kind and hospitable people, always ready to help those in need.

Tell us about your model apartment?

Our apartments are standard, with all amenities, not far from the city center.

What are your impressions of the city?

Istanbul is a huge city, divided into European and Asian sides. This city will fall in love with its views and culture!

How are auditions usually held in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, we spend all day on casting. On weekdays there are from 5 to 12 castings, on Saturday 2-3 castings. A driver takes us to both auditions and work.

Often girls are immediately taken from the airport to auditions, have you ever had this?

Once, upon arrival, I had to go straight from the airport to the casting. The booker warned me about this in advance. The model must be ready for anything! Therefore, with me in my carry-on luggage, I always put high-heeled shoes, the most necessary cosmetics and change of clothes suitable for casting. But basically, I always have time to get ready and put myself in order in the apartment, because I usually arrive on the evening flight.

What is the current situation in Istanbul regarding covid? Are there castings and work?

As for the coronavirus pandemic. For the third month now, Turkey is closed for arrivals and departures. Every weekend, people are completely isolated in their apartments, with no way to go outside. Police are on duty in the streets so that no one breaks the isolation. The work has become several times less, but still, there are some shooting. Castings are held online. To date, the pandemic is on the decline.

What are your modeling plans for the next 3 months?

In the next 3 months I will stay in Istanbul, summer is the best season in Turkey. Then, I plan to go to Milan for a contract. This will be my third trip to Milan.

What other agencies have you worked for before?

In addition to Turkey and Italy, I was also in Lebanon and Taiwan. All these countries conquered me in their own way and left pleasant memories in my heart.

Where did you like it the most?

No excitement can compare with the emotions that you get from model trips. New places, castings, filming … To this day, I experience unforgettable impressions from model trips.

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