Gosh Model Management

International model agency

Management company

GOSH MODEL MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING is engaged in international model placement, professional model development and ongoing monitoring of work and career of professional models. On the terms of equal partnership with mother model agencies we match international model contracts for professional models and new faces who are ready to work in Asia and Europe. We cooperate with mother model agencies in Russia.

GOSH MODEL MANAGEMENT carries out professional management of models which consists in:

• to advise heads of Russian mother agencies about models` selection of suitable model type for obtaining the international model contract to Asia or Europe;
• to help mother agencies with preparation of full materials of the girls selected to work as professional models and previously to bring them to the required level according to the international model standards;
• providing the international model contract for model, consultation on all questions concerning the legal and organizational moments of the model agency;
• to control new faces and professional models during their work with on-stay contract in Asia or Europe and to render the individual help in all situations and on all questions connected with their accommodation, work and rest
• to promote professional growth and development on a career to those models who proved themselves from a positive side
• to send the created professional models to our partner model agencies in New York, Milan, London, Tokyo and in other European and world centers of Fashion industry for their development worldwide

Representatives of the agency constantly are in contact with parents of models and their mother agencies. They continuously analyze the developing circumstances and trends, both in personal, and in the professional fate of the models and in due time they advise all interested parties when and as it is correct to make this or that imminent choice.