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What are SNAPS and palaroids? What for are they used and how to make them

The word “snaps” comes from the English word “snapshots”. Snaps are photos made especially for customers. Such photos show the individual features of the model’s figure and face

Snaps are the photos taken in natural light. in such pictures the model has no make up or hair done, the model wears black swim suit or plain underwear. Retouching of the Snaps is prohibited.

The purpose of the Snaps is to show the real state of the figure, skin and hair of the model. Therefore, snaps must be made in such a way to show the model in the best possible way and not to spoil everything because of the wrong light or the distorted proportions of the wrong lens.

Where to take Snaps?

Snaps can be taken at home. We recommend not to save money and to go to the professional studio.
✅ At home, you are unlikely to achieve beautiful and natural lighting
✅ Wardrobes, clothes and grandmother’s repairs can spoil the overall impression of the picture
✅ At home, you may not have enough distance to fit completely without distorting the lens.
▪Select a studio with natural light. Artificial light can highlight weaknesses. Incorrectly placed light will increase the bags under the eyes, increase the nose and cheeks.
▪ Background – monophonic. Usually white. In the absence of white, you can use a different light background.

How model shoud look alike?

First of all, you should look as natural, healthy and cheerful as possible. Not as if you had just come from the night club.
▪ Take care of your skin well in advance. We do not say that the skin should be without spots – we hope you understand it without words. The skin should not peel off. A week before shooting, use a scrub. Moisturize your skin. In any reason do not sunbathe and do not visit the beautician in the week of shooting snaps. If a spot appears, don’t push! The acne mark looks a lot worse. Better try to treat it.

Snaps are made without makeup. In rare cases, mascara is allowed. Foundation, powder, blush, etc. are prohibited. Do not try to fool. A true professional will always see makeup. The impression may be spoiled
▪Snaps are made in a swiming suit or plain underwear, without ruches. Will it be a swimsuit or underwear; there is no difference, the main thing is to fit well, not be vulgar, do not show through and so that nothing is torn.

▪ The model must be in shoes. Do not shoot barefoot! shoes will lengthen legs and improve posture.
▪Hair must be clean. The snaps are taken with loose hair and a ponytail.

General advice on shooting Snaps

▪ Come to studio in loose clothes that can be easily removed. Narrow clothing can leave ugly marks on your skin.
▪ Before snaps, do not eat for several hours, so that you do not have to pull in the stomach
▪In the previous day, do not drink water at night and do not eat salty so that you are not swollen

What photos are needed

A set of photos should be as follows:
Full-length and portrait

Straight with her hair down
Straight with a ponytail
Straight with a smile
Back with her hair down
back with a tail
Semi-side on both sides
Sideways on both sides

It is necessary to take female snapas from a corner below the belt – that is, the photographer should sit down, so the proportions in the photo increase towards the length of the legs, and this is what we need and makes you visually taller and slimmer in the photo. For guys, it’s the other way around, you need to shoot from the level of your chest, then visually your shoulders are wider

In addition to the photo, it is also necessary to make a video composit in which the model talks about herself and shows herself from different angles. This is done in order to look at the artistry of the model and check the actual condition of the skin, hair and teeth. If the photo can be corrected by a certain light or angle, there it will be more difficult to cheat


In most modeling agencies, besides snaps, you will be asked to take palaroids. How do they differ from snaps?

Palaroid is a test shooting of a model in the most natural conditions, without makeup and retouching. In fact, these are the same snaps, differ only in that the model does not stand straight and poses. Palaroids are also taken in natural light. Clothing is allowed to be casual, discreet colors, clothing that fits well. As a rule, it is a solid top, leggings or tight jeans. Denim shirt allowed.